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Parrsboro Schools share a beautiful piece of green space at the top of King Street, overlooking Main St. and the town of Parrsboro. Approximately 300 students from Parrsboro and local areas including Five Islands, Southampton, Wards Brook, Port Greville and Diligent River attend our P-6 and 7-12 schools. Approximately 60% of our students are bused.
We are fortunate to have a diverse, talented and very caring staff which consists of 19 teachers, 1 School Counselor, 3 Administrators, 3 Educational Assistants, 2 Administrative Assistants, 3 Custodians, 1 part-time Librarian at PRHS and community volunteers support the Elementary library.
Declining enrollment has caused a reduction in staff and consequently impacted the number and variety of courses offered at the high school. PRHS has managed to include a range of courses designed to meet the needs, abilities and interest levels of all of our students. Some of the new courses this year include Math 11 at Work, Business Tech 11, Agriculture and Food 11, Leadership 12 and Visual Arts 10. With the new provincial classroom cap this year, PRES has re-configured Grades P-3 into Primary, Grade 1, Grade 1/2, and Grade 2/3 to ensure that all P-3 classes remain at or below 20 students. 
Students at the high school are supported by Student Services, with 60% School Counselor, Resource Teacher, Youth Health Centre and School Nurse.
The       new       PRS       website, is in the rebuilding stages and will be a window into student life at both Parrsboro Schools. 





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