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SAC Minutes

School Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

October 16th, 2014

    1. Call to order

Sue Stevenson called to order the regular meeting of the Student Advisory Council at 5:00pm on October 16th, 2014.

      1. Roll Call

    Corinne Trottier conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Sue Stevenson, Jennifer Harrison, Rhianna Odlin, Corinne Trottier, Lori Kyle, Karlene Morris, Judy Brown and Denise Dickinson. In regrets: Kyle Hebb, Frank Hartman, Mallory Allen and David Beattie.

        1. Unfinished Business

      The locker room renovation is to happen during Christmas break; unused lockers from the hallways will be moved into the locker rooms, tiles for the floors, benches bolted to the floor and hooks on the walls.

        ACTIONS: Dream team will look for grants for benches, and multipurpose room.

            1. New Business
              1. Principal’s Report: Librarian job has been reposted for Parrsboro/River Hebert/Advocate. Promoting powerschool. Sue and another teacher will be going to a session in Truro to get clear information on the new report card system for grades P-8. There is exceptional student leadership this year in the school, there are approximately 12 student lead groups in the school. ACTIONS: Look into peer tutoring. For next year’s student council try and enforce that there be 1 male and 1 female class rep for each grade. Kelsey Siddall is working an extra 15% at the high school, every other Wednesday and Friday afternoons for Mr.Nott. There will be an open house at both schools on October 22.  The website is still being worked on. ACTIONS: Each group needs to create a write-up for the website. The cafeteria needs more promotion.
              2. Elementary Update: 100 pair of sneakers were taken to Amherst to donate to Haiti. The YMCA girls on the move program is starting soon.
              3. High School Update: Guitar, senior and junior volleyball has begun, junior and senior girls basketball has also started. A guitar club is forming. Both senior soccer teams are going to regionals, and the junior boys are going to districts. The HRY students have finished their training. The safe grad alumni game raised over $300. School pictures and ID’s have come in, we are waiting for a date for grad photos. There was a GSA spirit day.
              4. Student Council Update: A logo contest was held, Iziah Faulkner’s logo was chosen to be the new logo. ACTION: Jenn will do the graphic design of this for free. Safe grad is hosting a haunted house. The winter carnival committee has booked a hypnotist. The leadership class action groups are successful, currently recruiting participants. The leadership class also participated in the sticky notes of encouragement movement.
              5. Community Concerns: There should be a compromise of skill development and playing games for the Elementary school girls’ basketball team. One option is having games every 2 weeks and spend the rest of the season doing skills development. There was a question raised if there is a need for high paid referees for elementary level games. ACTION: Sue to talk to Charlene about this issue.
            2. Adjournment:

          Lori moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:00. Jennifer seconded the movement.

            Minutes submitted by: Corinne Trottier


                Minutes approved by:

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